Group Training

Each of our group classes follow a set curriculum, which is aimed at teaching specific skills and/or manners. The group environment offers the additional benefit of practicing with controlled distractions.

How it works

Reserve your spot

Contact us to reserve a spot in an upcoming class. We will email you a confirmation, as well as reminders as the class date approaches.

We can also help you decide what's right for you and your pup - just drop us a line!

Attend your class

Gain valuable skills and knowledge that will help set your pup up for success throughout life at home.

Payment is due at the start of each 5 week class.

Enjoy a pleasant pup

Every pleasant pup graduate gets a diploma, as well as a graduation gift basket.

You will also be part of the pleasant pup pack, which allows you to connect and share with other pack  members.


For puppies or dogs with little to no previous training, this class teaches basic manners and commands.


This class strengthens basic skills and obedience with added distractions, and introduces more advanced commands.


This class increases your dog's reliability to be obedient in any situation by practicing with maximum distractions.


This class teaches your dog tricks that are sure to please a crowd. Using positive reinforcement, this class strengthens the bond between you and your dog.

Upcoming Classes

All classes are $90 for 5 weeks
Payment is due at the beginning of the first class

No upcoming events.

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